He’s back for the only woman who ever really mattered (A stand alone romance)

Grey Thomas
His name is Holden Riley and we’ve been soul mates since we were kids. When things got bad for him at home, he’d come to me. And when life was cruel, I’d seek solace in his arms. The night before prom, he held me and said we’d be together forever. Then he left town—he left me. It’s been the talk of our small town for years.

And now, he’s back. He wants to make things right but he’s too late. I won’t give in to his mountain of muscles, his disarming charm or piercing eyes. I never stopped loving him but I also never forgot how much he hurt me. There is no way I will give into my desires; I’m strong. Strong enough to withstand his fiery gaze, hopefully…

Holden Riley

After my Mom died, my home life with my Dad was a war zone. I escaped to the army because it was the only way I could take control of my life. But now I’m back and I’m here for the one thing I can no longer live without—Grey Thomas. This won’t be easy; she’ll make me go through hell. But I can withstand the flames if it means I get to walk away with my Angel. I’m going to win her back and nothing will stand in my way.